Oh Say Can You See?

What the fuck is a blog? I'm going to try and see for myself


So nice to have "complete" documentation.  LOL  NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, but per usual I've been able to figure it out with no help from the program's creator.  I swear to fuck, what in the hell is the matter with these people?  A small snippet in the change-log for this update at least gave me a clue, albeit a small one.  Here is the entire documentation on the blog addition...Added blog system.  

Colored letters spelling Legends

Let's see, what was not added?  How to implement said blog, or the fact that in admin it could be enabled for Admins only, Members only, or both, or that it could even be found there at all had not one iota of light shed on it.

After looking around topside though on the sidebars I saw where it said Blog, but not WTF you were supposed to do with it now you found at least a reference to it somewhere.  So I went back to the unzipped files folder and I really didn't feel as if I'd overlooked something and hadn't, so back here to look around a bit more. 

I finally saw the Link to this mystery blog on the top left of the sidebar directly under the Settings group under the guise of "My Articles", which actually makes a bit of sense as a true blog is more or less a series of posts that could be termed, "My Articles". OK so that's recognizable to me as I've been blogging over 30 years.  Damned good thing too, or I'd never have known with such scant information.  So this is what I'm doing now, creating a post to see if what he means by blog is actually just a posting system where anyone that is given permission can write whatever and each article is known as a blog?  Or will I be able to have something that's my own that I can give a title to, or does it just mean you can share several posts with other members in a communal effort ?  If so that's really not a blog at all but more a posting free for all. Who knows?

We will in very few minutes.  Not to worry, if you're unfamiliar with what blogs are and why would I want one, you'll see the answer to that in a few days when I have gotten to the exact bottom of this new function and written up a few guidelines for using it.