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New Zealand studio Grinding Gear Games recently announced that the new expansion of the free-to-play action role-playing game "Heist", or "Path of Exile", is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The extension was launched on the PC on Friday, September 18, and finally arrived on the game console, testing the player’s invisibility and penetration capabilities. As the name suggests, the extension will cause the player to hire a team of thieves and infiltrate the team full of guards. Device to steal valuable POE Currency.

Overcoming the security of the venue will be extremely difficult, and players must carefully consider in their decision-making, because just a mistake will trigger an alarm, and the venue will have guards ready to eliminate the player within seconds. However, once the cultural relics are stolen, the alarm will also sound, depending on the player's escape from the location to the extraction point as soon as possible, or if they are caught, everything they have achieved so far on the scene will be recovered.

The main purpose of "Heist" is to prepare some progressively more demanding tasks for players until the great task of "big hit" is completed. Players will need to gather resources and information to access plans for various facilities, which will be the main stage of this theft.

This expansion will also add 13 new NPCs with their own stories, abilities, evolution and even the possibility of being equipped with new items. It will also add a new area called "Porto dos Renegados", new item types, seven new skills and more. Players can easily acquire these skills by choosing to buy POE Exalted Orb.

Grinding Gear Games described "Heist" as one of its most ambitious expansions, as its development began in March 2020, just before New Zealand entered mandatory lockdown due to COVID-19.