About Us

1- About Us.

Keepnitreal was formed in 2016 after a group of fan page owners and internet influences grew tired of how their content and fans were being manipulated by various social networking platforms. The content they were creating and sharing was not being shown to the fan bases they had worked so hard to build, due to unseen algorithms and corporate decisions based on advertising. Much worse was the fact that these platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) had the ability to eliminate entire pages and years of hard work and community building with one click. And they used that ability, and continue to do so.

We just wanted a social platform to keep it real. Literally. Real content, made by real people, shared in real time. No computers or equations involved to decide what will show up in your newsfeed for you, and when. It sounds like a new, revolutionary approach to social media, but it’s really just taking social sharing back to its roots, before companies got lazy and built programs to make decisions for them about what people should see.

Welcome to Keepnitreal. Enjoy, and please keep it real.